Stop, Ampeltime!

A Traffic Planning Puzzle Simulation Game for PC & Mac


Stop, Ampeltime! is a traffic simulation puzzle game that puts you in charge of designing traffic infrastructure.

Create roads, rails, bike paths and sidewalks! Intertwine them in mind-boggling intersections! Use traffic lights, signals and barriers to keep vehicles from crashing into each other.

Easy commute back home or numbing traffic jams, car-topia or bike heaven – it’s all up to you!

Learn more about the game here.


The game currently is in prototype phase.
The planned release date is Q3 2019 with a paid early access phase starting Q4 2018*.
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Stop, Ampeltime! is developed by Cogs Lab Studio, an tiny indie game studio from Switzerland.


Philipp Kuhn, Head of Everything.
But mainly Game Design and Coding at the moment.


The development of the game is privately funded and has generously received support from Pro Helvetia.

If you want to support the project, please donate via Patreon or PayPal! Donations allow me to continue developing the game.

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Donate to support the development of Stop, Ampeltime!

Any donor donating USD $10 or more will automatically get access to alpha/beta testing programs and will get a digital copy of the game when it’s released! Donations received so far: USD 429

*All dates subject to change.