Trams are coming!

Hello and welcome to one of my sporadic posts!

Today’s subject: trams.
Or rather what’s supposed to be and behave like one.

In the last couple of days, I was busy implementing a new system that supports not only cars, but multi-axle, multi-carriage vehicles like trucks, trams and trains.
The first vehicle I built to test this was a tram.

Now, game development can be very frustrating at times. Things don’t work the way you want them to and you have to dig for that one variable you set wrong, that one object that is not in the right place, or that one checkbox you forgot to check. The last couple of weeks, I struggled to get things right with the Unreal Engine physics system, in order for the carriages and the axles to follow the path in a realistic way.
Add a little tenacity and a couple days of frustrating try-and-error, and all of a sudden things start to work!
Well, kind of…

Check out this video of the current state of the trams:

Now don’t worry, this is not the final state. But one that I almost feel sorry for fixing!

Stay tuned for correctly behaving multi-carriage vehicles coming soon!

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