Prototype Demo Instructions



Left Mouse Button

Click: Select object

Click & drag: move draggable objects or buttons


Right Mouse Button

Click: Open context menu

Click & drag: Move camera


Middle Mouse Button

Tilt & pan camera


Mouse Wheel

Zoom camera


Quick Tutorial


1. Select existing road


2. Click & drag extend button


3. Drag planned road to other road ending


4. Right-click on planned road


5. Click ‘Realize’ to turn plan into actual road


6. Traffic starts flowing

Repeat steps 1-5 to create more roads connecting all the inbound and outbound lanes.


7. At intersections, click on existing road to select it


8. Click on the lane going into the intersection to select a single lane


9. Right-click to open context menu


10. Click ‘Add a Stop Marker’ to add a stop marker


11. Right-click on stop marker to open context menu


12. Click on ‘Right of Way’ to toggle stop marker type to traffic light


13. Open Motherboard mode (use button in top left or Tab)


14. Move around modules (re-connecting or re-programming modules not functional yet)